7 Essential Features of a manufacturing website

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You know that manufacturing websites require a totally different online strategy than other industries, but with the pace that web marketing is evolving, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. Our team of copywriters, designers, and programmers have created thousands of websites and we know what works. Check out our advice on the most critical features for manufacturing websites.


Video Transcript

Hi I’m Derek and I’m Cory, We’re here to talk about the 7 Essential elements for success manufacturing industrial website, we’ve built thousands of websites over the years and what makes a successful website a website that converts leads and gets new business is a question we get asked a lot.

And of course we will get into the fundamentals right for any website that is important the industrial industry is different in many ways requiring a careful targeted approach to how you present information to your visitors

So let's dig in and learn how you can have a more successful website

  1. Great Visuals
  2. The first thing a quality manufacturing website needs is visual content, low quality grainy images from a cellphone or stock photos simply won’t cut it, if you are a OEM or a custom part manufacturer showcase your work with high quality products, if you are a service provider or distributor show off your work with professional grade photographs. Quality images are vital to showcasing what you do and the quality of your work.

  3. Product Details
  4. The next feature is for you to include as many product specifications on details on your website as possible for example: "If your visited can download CAD files or compare product specs with their design needs, it makes it much easier for them to choose you as the supplier"

  5. Catalogs & Documentation
  6. Make it easy for your visitors to find relevant documentation for your products, this could be a PDF containing parts, or a line card of the materials you work with or the custom services you offer. You should also make sure to write relevant documentation regarding the proper use and installation of your products and services.

  7. Reputable certification
  8. Next up let’s talk about certifications, you’ve worked hard to certifications and there important to feature prominently on your website, if you have an ISO certification put it at the top of your page with the logo. If you have other certifications doesn’t matter if there business or technical be sure to feature them throughout your website on drop down menus, within relevant content or on your homepage, these are important ways to build trust and show expertise, don’t be shy to highlight them.

  9. Case Studies
  10. Case studies are a tremendous tools to share with your prospective customers, what a good case study includes is a clear description on the challenge or the problem that your customer had, details on how you solved that problem in terms of an technical specification, custom manufacturing, a product you provide and diagram and images and other images like data that help tell the story of what you accomplished for that customer.

    Now a case study is a bit of work, but i promise if you take the time to build a library of a few case studies this is the marketing assets that service you well for years to come.

  11. Industry Content
  12. Next up let’s talk industry content, you most likely focus on specific target industries and have capabilities to meet their requirements, with this in mind it's important that your website speaks to your target industries, one suggestion is to have a drop down menu within your navigation that lists the industries you focus on with links to the pages with deep information about the capabilities you have to support them.

  13. Contact information
  14. lastly provide multiple ways for your prospect to get in contact with you, there should be an RFQ button on every page on your website as well as contact us page with the relevant contact information including a phone number, bottom line make it super easy for your prospect to get in contact with you.

A great manufacturing website can provide a wealth of information for your prospects, it guides them in working with you and help them choose the right solution for their needs better yet it can put you light years ahead of the competition online, that's all, see you next time.