5 Things to Include in Your Manufacturing Website That Other Sites Don’t Have

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Pronto has been in the web marketing business for nearly a decade. During that time, we’ve amassed a portfolio of sites that cover at least 23 different industries ranging from environmental services to insurance. If there’s one thing we’ve learned while coding, designing, and copywriting websites, it’s this:

One of the toughest obstacles of website creation is recognizing when everyone in your industry is doing something because it works, and when they’re doing something merely because everyone else is.

This is especially true of the manufacturing industry. We’ve created several stellar industrial websites for our clients, and it’s time we set the record straight about the misconceptions holding your factory’s site back from reaching its potential as a lead-capturing machine.

Misconception #1: Manufacturing content and SEO don’t mix

When plant managers think of their ideal website, they think of schematics, data sheets, output statistics, and whatever other tangible information they can present to leads. Why? Because they assume that this is the only type of content visitors are searching for.

Although that is sometimes true, there is a broad swath of leads searching for much more ambiguous topics. With the right SEO and copywriting, you can snatch them all.

Overstuffing a homepage with keywords, and localized content actually hurts a website’s ranking on Google. Our insider know-how allows us to create pages that reassure both your leads and Google metrics.

We designed Chicago Precision Manufacturing’s (CPM) website in a way that welcomes uninformed leads with a structured, visually appealing banner that keeps it simple. Now, anyone can find the CPM site, whether they’re searching for “metalworking lathe prototyping” or “Chicago metal fabrication”.


Misconception #2: Assembly line videos are too boring to be useful

Even just writing that subheading makes us question our own judgment. Batch processing is all about using repetition to manufacture high-quality parts. But to get there you have to machine the same piece over, and over, and over, and...how could a video of that spruce up your flashy homepage?

Pro-Motion Industries put an assembly line video on their homepage to show clients their equipment, quality control, and PPAP to get a leg up over competitors who wait until much later in the sales process to showcase their own operations.

Misconception #3: All your website sells is parts

Inventory catalogs have always been comprised of uninteresting tables and lists. They force your clients to think of your company as a source of data rather than solutions, which is not the way it has to be. If Apple can sell you a phone that makes you cooler, your job shop can sell machined parts that better the world.

Sound a bit extreme? Just look at the stories conveyed in Telewave, Inc.’s homepage banners. Couplers, power monitors, and intermodulation panels might not capture your audience, but with some well-written copy and high-quality images, they become the spare parts that enable policemen to keep us safe and engineers to build our cities.


Misconception #4: Only professionally lit and staged photos should be featured

Most of the time, high-quality photos of your operation are preferred to those shot from a worker’s smartphone. But something is always better than nothing. When designing a website for East Coast Repair and Fabrication, we didn’t hesitate to include some "real" photos on their site.

Every manufacturing website your leads visit will have a photo of some welder hard at work, sparks flying. We do it too because stock images look nice and boost the appeal of your site, but they don’t convince your customer that you’re good at anything other than picking and downloading great photos. Show clients photos of your work -- especially when they look candid and authentic.

Misconception #5: Site content should focus exclusively on your products

A lot of industrial websites struggle with tunnel vision. Managers are so used to a production scheduling mindset that fixates so much on increasing output and standardization that it ends up affecting how they view their leads.

While focusing on pushing leads through the next step in your sales funnel is important, don’t forget about how your site can help you build a trustworthy reputation. Some leads may not be ready to complete your “Request A Quote” form, and instead of sacrificing them as a lost cause, why not provide them with relevant information that establishes you as an industry expert?

On the Flow Management Devices LLC homepage we thought outside the box. Leads are searching for liquid gas flow management equipment, so including a News & Events section paired with live market data for relevant inputs and materials was the perfect way to keep our clients at the forefront of their customers’ minds.


When you’re building your website, there are a lot of factors to consider: color continuity, cross-platform programming languages, mobile optimization, and more. However, falling into the rut of unoriginal design and brand identity is not a factor you should be subjected to.

If you want to create a website that stands out from the rest, speak with one of our experts today.


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