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Your website is the essential foundation for all your marketing

Cory Brown | popular, Sales and Marketing | October 21, 2016

When you’re interested in buying a new car, where do you look first? The Internet.

Where do you look if you need a centerless grinder measurement or a chip and scrap removal conveyor? You start on the Internet.

So do your prospects.

However you choose to market your shop, nearly all of it will lead back to your website. This is the first resource potential customers will check before deciding whether they want to contact you for a quotation or product. This is why your website must give a powerful first impression. If it is poorly done, you won’t get a second chance.

Your website is the base from which potential customers need to access compelling content and effective calls to action. If you succeed with this, you turn your visitors into leads and customers.

Your Website as a Free Marketing Tool

You don't have to pay each time someone views your website, unlike other types of advertising that you might engage in online or in print, radio, and television. This free marketing tool can be invaluable to your business. It is available 24/7, provided it is maintained well, and it's convenient for your prospects to browse if it has been designed correctly. All these things lead to sales.

What Makes a Website Bad?

If it’s been more than three-to-five years since your last website refresh, your site is long overdue for a makeover! Your design is approximately 96% of what convinces potential customers that your company is reliable, trustworthy, and someone they want to do business with.

If you do not have web traffic because your SEO is ineffective, then it is as useful as machining custom tools without a plan for a prototype. Traffic is the first step in building your customer base, so you want to keep people engaged. Those who enjoy interacting with your site will spend time on it, and the more time spent, the closer you are to a sale.

What Makes a Website Good?

You need strong, relevant Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that when a search is performed for manufacturing and machine shop companies, the results will show your business at the top of the list.

The more often people see your website show up in results, the more familiar they feel with it, and psychologically we trust the things we feel most familiar with. You need your site to stand out with engaging and interesting content.

Engaging Content

Some forms of content that can engage your potential customer include: website pages, press releases, quality control presentations, blogs about your plant, social media, photos, and industrial webinars. You always want your content to be relevant to the batches you’re producing and the customers you’re serving.

For instance, you might post photos of your assembly line, or of your employees using new and state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture the products you sell. Your blog might talk about the quality of your raw materials, or innovations in automation with a direct link to what your factory is all about. Press releases can let your prospects know that what you do is newsworthy and current.


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