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A website is never done

Derek Brown | Operator, Owner | September 30, 2016

Now that you’ve witnessed the creation of your website, and it’s live, you realize how much work and talent goes into a well-maintained and successful online presence. You may think your site is finished and can be launched into the world as an entity of its own. But unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Even in the manufacturing industry, if you update your website infrequently, it eventually becomes irrelevant, possibly hacked, and will eventually crash. There is more to an online presence than meets the eye and these tips are crucial to maintaining the growth of your website.

Upgrades and Updates

A certain amount of time must be spent to regularly update the software running your website. Failure to do so can result in viruses and a compromised, unsecured site. Search engines will often stop bringing results for websites that seem to be vulnerable to viruses and hackers.

You need to keep your site updated with the latest security patches and bug fixes. When software is outdated or no longer compatible, it needs to be changed.

In terms of content, your information should be up-to-date. Articles about industrial standards and programmes that date back months, or even years, can leave prospective customers wondering if you are still in business.

Adding Pages and Content

The goals of your website should tell you what sort of components you want to keep adding and expanding upon. For instance, if you want to showcase your job shop or tool and die processes, your video software and the videos themselves must be updated and included.

Sources of fresh content that you might want to use in the future on your website include quality control reports, safety projects, production specials, packing services, and more. Your audience will come back if they know there is going to be something new and interesting waiting for them. Remember that the more they return, the more trust you are building with these potential customers.

The Benefits of Being Up-to-Date

Little things matter in your website. Your copyright date should be current, for example, and irrelevant articles should be archived. When your site is up-to-date with new and fresh content, photos, videos, and more, you show that your company is current, and more importantly, alive.

It gives a business more credibility when they update their website regularly, than to have a page that never changes. If your website is on top of things and follows the logic, your company probably is doing it too. That creates better trust in potential customers.

Additionally, search engines rank sites with newer information higher than outdated ones. You never want to give an impression of being outdated or stale. Regular website maintenance and updating ensures that every person who looks at your page receives the best possible first, second, and third impressions every time.

Derek Brown

Derek is Co-Founder of Pronto Marketing and Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Marketing Works. He worked as a Microsoft Director for over 13 years, specializing in the small business segment. Derek is an active speaker and community leader in entrepreneurship, start-ups, digital marketing, and more.